Visual Basic .Net Tutorials is dedicated to provide free visual basic 2008 / 2010 /.net tutorials. The site contains a lot of code samples and pictures to make it easy to learn visual basic programming language. The site is designed in a simple way to make it easier to navigate through the tutorials that are posted here. The site is growing everyday and more tutorials are added to it. It provides tutorials for both beginners and advanced developers. Learn how to make a calculator, notepad, webbrower, etc... 



Combining 2 or more strings

Insert a string

Remove a string

Retrieve a string

Create a repeated string

Change the case of all characters in a string

Compare two strings for character case

Compare two strings

Check each character in a string

Check if string entered is Digit ( number from 0 - 9)

Check if string entered is Number ( hexadecimal from 0 - F)

Check if string entered is Letter ( A - Z)

Methods to retrieve info about a character

Retrieve a list of the words in a textbox

Function to count how many times a string occurs

Reverse a String

Validate e-mail address

Validate a phone number


Programmer References:

c# tutorials

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Search Listbox (Search Text)
Search a listbox (Search full Text)

Add items to listbox from TextBox
Remove Items form listbox
Get the most repeated item in ListBox
Get the list of running applications in ListBox
list of processes and how to Kill them
Get list of installed fonts
Reorder ListBox Up Down
Sort ListBox: Ascending or Descending

Read a text file to a textbox
Write textbox text to a text file
Check if file exists
Read a text file line by line
Copy a file
Delete a directory

Web Browser Tutorial
Progress Bar for the Web Browser

Count links on a web page
Change Browser Home Page
Read the source of a web page

Get list of links on a page

Working with FTP:
Upload a file to a website
Download a file from a website
Write to a text file on a website
Check if internet connection available

Open page using LabelLink


Date and Time

Format date and time
Get yesterday's date
Show the current time and date
Get the name of the month
Get day name
Get list of dates in a specific range
Set a DateTimePicker value to the current month
Set DateTimePicker date range to last month
Set DateTimePicker date value to the beginning of current year
Set DateTimePicker date value to last year

Other Code:

Show the Desktop

Record from a microphone
Adding a control at runtime

Get the pressed key

Send keys list

Get computer memory information
Print Screen send keys
Generate a random number
Drawing Graphics

Rendering graphics to a form...

Bouncing Ball

Run another program or application from Form

Connect RS232 Scale/Scanner to your application

Grap image from Logitech Web Cam software


Invert Image
PictureBox image from Clipboard
Clear an Image from PictureBox
Upload a picture to PictureBox
Upload a picture or a file to a website

Get pixel and name of the color
Add watermark to a picture

How to make a slot machine
How to make a Tic Tac Toe
Guess the number game
Draw Smiley Face with Moving Pupils
How to make Hangman game

Clear all TextBoxes on a Form

Get a word after a specific word in text box
Allow Numbers only in TextBox
Remove numbers from textbox
Copy text from clipboard to textbox
Add a new paragraph to a text box
Delete the first line of a text box
Copy Specific Text to another TextBox
Copy text from TextBox to another
Replace text in textbox

Change text font
Convert Number to Currency
Auto Size text to fit textbox

Capture Full Screen
Change Back Color using ColorDialog
Get all controls that have same name in one form
show form on a second screen: Dual Monitor
Monitor a secondary screen
play back a system sound
Play music in your project

Change Background Image and Style
Monitor Mouse Movement and Clicks


Programming the Backspace Button

hide a button or any object

Click Button
Display a Message Box


Google API

Google Search API

Google Translator


First time programming in VB

How to make Analog Clock

How to make a Bouncing Ball
How to make OnScreen Keyboard

How to make a Shutdown Utility

How to make a Windows Media Player

How to make a Notepad

How to make a Screen Shot program

How to make a Calculator

How to make a Dictionary

How to make a Temperature Converter

How to make a Login Program

How to make a Phone Book

How to make a Stopwatch

How to make a KeyLogger

How to Make a PDF reader

Determine Credit Card Type

Google and Youtube Searcher

System Tray Tutorial

Printing Text for the Notepad Project.

Convert Words to Codes Tutorial

Use a Text File to Store and Retrieve Data.

Local IP Address Finder


Performing Calculations

Calculate Race winners

Validate numbers then average out scores
Calculating Services Provided and Discount

Calculate Age

Calculator Tutorial

Calculator Using Three Textboxes
Round a number

Calculate days
Round To Nearest 99


Connect Visual Basic to Excel

Write To Excel 2000 - 2003 File

Write to Excel 2007 File
Get Last Used Cell in Excel
Update records in Excel File


Connect DataGridView to Access Database

Display Access table records in DataGridView
Count Records value in DataGridView
Format DataGridView Column to currency or percantage
Change DataGridView Column Header Text
Filter column value in DataGridView

Sort DataGridView Column


Connect Visual Basic to Access Database

Write to existing table in Access Database (sql)
Read records from Access Database (sql)
Update existing records in Access Database(sql)

Delete records from Access Database (sql)

Delete Access Table from Visual Basic (sql)

Read Access Table fields / columns




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