Panel in Visual Basic .NET

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This lesson describes the Panel control


To move a control in the Windows Forms Designer is very easy. Just click and drag the control to its new position. In addition you can drag controls in and out of container controls (controls that contain, group, and help arrange other controls).

These controls include FlowLayoutPanel, TableLayoutPanel, GroupBox, Panel, TabControl, and SplitContainer.

The Panel control just like a GroupBox, can also contain the RadioButton controls in a RadioButton group, but unlike a GroupBox control, the Panel control doesn't display a visible border, so you must use some other method to ensure that the user can tell that the buttons are forming a group.

For example, you could use several Panels in a row, each containing a column of RadioButton controls. Then the user would select one option from each column.

One of the most powerful features of Panel control is its ability to automatically display scrollbars. If you set a Panel control's AutoScroll property to True and the Panel's content cannot fit, it automatically displays the scrollbar so the user can still see the whole content.



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