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About Me

My name is Jimmy Daly and I am the author of this site. Programming has always been my first hobby. Since I was a kid, I always wanted to find better ways to perform certain tasks.
One thing that made me love programming was my hate for routine. I never liked doing the same thing twice.

Instead, finding better ways to achieve daily tasks was all what I enjoyed. This's what programming is all about. We write codes so we can replace our boring manual tasks with fast and accurate applications.

When I started learning how programming works, I spent hours on my computer coding and testing. I was curious and hungry for more lessons. I wanted to create real world applications that can be used by users. I spent hours online searching for tutorials and lessons, I bought books on programming, and testing what I was learning.


Why did I start this site?

I started this site back in 2008 when I first started programming in Visual Basic. I created the site because I needed a place where I can store all my codes and samples I was learning. That made it easy for me to access the codes any time I wanted and from any location. The reason I wanted to store the codes online, is because it was overwhelming trying to memorize all the functions and algorithms I was studying. So I wanted to keep them in a place where I don't lose them. After that I noticed that the site started getting some traffic, so I decided to start adding more and more tutorials. I wanted to help people looking for visual basic tutorials online, just like I was helped when I first started.I add new tutorials constantly. All the materials in this site are provided free of charge. You can use it to learn programming in visual basic .net as well as creating real world applications. From day one I made sure that design of the site is as simple as possible. I wanted my visitor to focus on the content I provide more than the site design. Your comments and suggestions are important to me. You can contact me regarding any suggestions or concerns. Also use the Disqus comment system found at the bottom of each page to comment on the posts. To keep this site up, I need your help. Please contact me regarding any broken link or if a code doesn't work. Also share, comment and link to my site to show me that your love for my site.

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