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Follow this guide to install Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop

Visual Studio (Express 2013 for Windows Desktop) is a development tool, which provides a rich environment where you can rapidly create modern and complex desktop and WPF applications.

Although theoretically you could create a Desktop application without Visual Studio (using the .NETís command-line compilers), that task would be tedious, painful, and prone to error.
For that reason, you should always use a design tool like Visual Studio.

By the way the Express products are slimmed-down versions of their Visual Studio 2013 counterparts and are primarily targeted for the .NET hobbyists and students. Though completely free this version of Visual Studio is surprising capable; Some of the most valuable features are object browsing tools, a Windows Forms designer, the Add References dialog box, IntelliSense capabilities etc.

The installation of the VS Express 2013 for Windows Desktop is straightforward and smooth when accepting the default installation options.

1. Please download the Setup from the link below:
Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop (Download Link)

2. Provide the needed details (name, email and country) and then click the "Your Selection" link:

3. As soon as you start the wdexpress_full.exe the dialog below will be shown up. Optionally change the install path and check the "I agree to the License Terms and Privacy Policy" checkbox. Finally click the INSTALL link to the bottom.

4.The setup process may take for a while so please be patient:

5. Once you get the "Setup Successful!" message click the LAUNCH link (at the very bottom):

6. The new Welcome dialog will offer you to Sign in to Visual Studio which is optional so just click "Not now, maybe later".

7. After a while the new dialog will be shown up saying that it's preparing for first use.

8. Voila! Now you have the latest Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop running on your computer. Congratulations!

9. By default you'll see the Start Page showing Start section, Recent Projects (empty as for now), Getting Started etc.

10. Please create a new project to be sure that everything is installed and working properly.

For more information about creating a new project check our other tutorials.

NOTE: For long-term use you need to register your Express Edition so please find the "Register Product" in the Help menu to get your FREE key and unlock it. You will not be prompted again for this info. Enjoy!

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