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Calculator  - Visual Basic .net

This tutorial will show you how to make a basic calculator in visual basic .net / 2010 / 2012 / 2013:

Create a new project.

You can change the form text to "your name's calculator". Click on the form and then go to properties window, then change the text property.

You also need to disable the maximize control of the form. That's because you don't want the user to maximize the calculator. Go to the properties window, and change the maximize box property to False:

You also need to change the FormBorderStyle property to Fixed3D


Add a button to the form and place on top of the form:

Visual Basic 2008 Calculator

You might be surprised of this button because we should have placed a textbox instead. Well, this is the cool thing about Visual Basic 2008, you can use a button to display text and results.

Now we have to change the button properties to look like a text box.

First we change it's text to "0.".

We align the text to be on the right. Right click on the button, click on properties. In the properties window change TextAlign to MiddleRight:

Visual Basic 2008 Calculator

Choose the box in the middle right (the blue one in the image above)

Change the flat style of the button. In the properties window change flat style to Flat:

Visual Basic 2008 Calculator

You also need to change the color of the button. Go to the properties window and change the backcolor property to white:

Visual Basic 2008 Calculator

There is two more properties you need to change: TabStop to False and Enabled to False.


Visual Basic 2008 Calculator

Your button should look like this now:

Visual Basic 2008 Calculator


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