Screen Shot - Capture Screen in Visual Basic .NET

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Download link for capture screen source code is available at the end of page 2 of this tutorial.

This tutorial will show you how to make a screen shot (capture screen) program in
Create a new program (I am using Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition for this Tutorial)
Click on Project next to Create:

visual basic .net capture screen

Click on Windows Form Application, and name the project "Your name's ScreenShot" and then click Ok.

vb,net capture screen

You can change the form text to "your name's screen shot". Click on the form and then go to properties window, then change the text property.
Add three buttons to the form. Change the text of the first button to Shoot. This button will capture the screen. Change the second button to Save, and the third button to Area:

Visual Basic 2008 Screen Shot

Change the Anchor property of each button. The shoot button: change it's anchor property to

Visual Basic 2010 Screen Shot

Change the Anchor property of the Save button to Top, Left, Right.
Change the Anchor property of the Area button to Top, Right.
Add a picture box from the toolbox to the form.

Visual Basic 2013 Screen Shot

Change the picture box "size image". Click on the small arrow on the top right of the picture box:

Visual Basic 2008 capture screen

Change also the Anchor property of the picture box to Top, Bottom, Left, Right:

Visual Basic .NET Picture Box

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