Programming Sudoku Game - Visual Basic .NET

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For me Sudoku was always a fun game to play. But as a computer programmer, I wanted to make the computer generate and solve sudoku puzzles. It was such a challenge for me since that there are no proved formulas to solve any given sudoku puzzle.

sudoku board

They way that most people solve sudoku is using logic, Many use pencils and erasers to help them finding the right numbers. So how do you make a computer program to solve the logic puzzle?

After days and days of trying, I finally made my program solve most suduko puzzles as well as generating valid sudoku puzzles and I wanted to share everything with you.

If this is your first time programming in visual basic, please refer to this beginner lessons to get started.

1. Creating the sudoku grid programmatically

2. Setting the rules of sudoku grid (One unique number 1 - 9 in a row, column and a square)

3. Solving a sudoku puzzle

4. Genrating a valid sudoku puzzle for users to solve

You can download source code of the sudoku project at the last page of this tutorial.

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